A mouse found in Peekskill NY - Garrie Pest Control

How to Get Rid of Mice This Winter

As we start to approach the coldest months of the year here in Peekskill NY, it’s important to start taking precautions against the pests that come with the season. Mice
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What rats look like in Peekskill NY - Garrie Pest Control

Expect More Fall-Winter Pest Activity

With each passing season, a whole new group of pests passes through the area around Peekskill NY. New York is infamous for its unpredictable weather, and changes in rainfall, sunlight,
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A rat in someone's home in Peekskill NY - Garrie Pest Control

Do You Know How to Prepare for Fall Pests?

When the weather starts to cool down for the first time in many months, all sorts of pests begin their preparations for a harsh winter. Looking for warmth and shelter
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There’s a Mouse in the House!

As the weather starts to become less and less forgiving, all sorts of animals start looking for places to spend the winter. Here in Peekskill NY, this means the start
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Stink bug in Peekskill NY - Garrie Pest Control

6 Things to Know About Stink Bugs

No one wants any type of pest or bug in their home, especially stink bugs. These pests are very common in the fall months here in New York, making it
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Cockroaches are attracted to plumbing fixtures in Peekskill NY - Garrie Pest Control

Your Leaky Pipes May Be Attracting Pests

Having leaky pipes or plumbing issues in your home is bad enough without the added bonus of a pest infestation. Unfortunately, pests love excess moisture and will readily infest a
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