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Bed Bug Exterminators – Control & Removal

Bed Bug Removal Experts

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Bed bugs are one of the most feared pest problems, mostly due to the psychological distress they can cause when infesting your property. These tiny pests are infamous for their bites, as bed bugs feed on the blood of people. Even worse, bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of without the help of bed bug exterminators. At Garrie Pest Control, our bed bug exterminators have the experience required to implement long-lasting, effective bed bug removal services in your Peekskill NY home or business.

Bed Bug Control Services for YOUR HOME

If you have a bed bug problem, it’s imperative to enlist the help of a professional. DIY bed bug control is never the answer. Bed bugs hide in mattresses, baseboards, upholstered furniture, and even in light switches or power outlets. They are nocturnal and thus usually only seen at night, which is when they will emerge to feed. Because bed bugs are difficult to locate and can spread easily, it’s crucial to enlist the help of a bed bug pest control company that can fully inspect your property.

Effective Bed Bug Extermination

At Garrie Pest Control, we have 50 years of experience getting rid of bed bugs. Our highly trained bed bug control team will take the following steps to get rid of the infestation:

  • Our specialists will thoroughly inspect your property to identify the source of the infestation and where the bed bugs are hiding.
  • We will implement targeted bed bug treatments or treat your entire home.
  • After treatment, we will provide ongoing bed bug control and prevention tips to avoid future infestations.

Bed Bug Extermination for YOUR BUSINESS

Bed bugs are an infamous pest not just in Peekskill NY homes, but in commercial properties and businesses as well. Hotels in particular are vulnerable to bed bug problems, which is why it’s so important to team up with a bed bug control company such as Garrie Pest Control. With regular monitoring and inspections, you can rest easy knowing you retain your reputation and stay bed bug-free.

Garrie Pest Control provides quick, discreet, and highly effective bed bug pest control to maintain your business’ reputation.

When it comes to bed bug infestations, it’s important to ensure all infested areas are treated. It’s also crucial to thoroughly inspect the entire property for signs of bed bug activity.

A bed bug problem in your hotel, restaurant, or school can lead to a jeopardized reputation. We understand the sensitivity of a bed bug infestation and work quickly to resolve it.

We know the importance of discretion when it comes to commercial pest control. When you have a bed bug problem, we can accommodate services at the day and time that works best for you.

We are proud to be Peekskill NY’s leader in bed bug extermination. At Garrie Pest Control, we guarantee complete satisfaction for all of our bed bug removal services.

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Bed Bug Exterminators – Control – Removal Serving Peekskill NY

Serving Peekskill NY | Westchester NY | Middletown NY |

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