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Although they can seem impossible to avoid, you don’t have to deal with mosquitoes all spring and summer long. Mosquitoes are simple insects that use a small set of signals to guide them to food, suitable environments, and potential hosts. Learning how to prevent mosquitoes from finding you can help you avoid their bites while spending time outdoors. Looking for mosquito prevention advice? Read on to learn from the Peekskill NY mosquito experts at Garrie Pest Control!

4 Signals Mosquitoes Use

Some people claim to be mosquito magnets—you may even be one yourself! Although some people certainly see more mosquito bites than others, there is no consensus on the exact factors that make certain people more attractive to mosquitoes than others. However, we do know 4 signs that mosquitoes take note of when looking for people to feed on:

  1. Breath: When humans breathe, we exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes pick up on the CO2 that we release with specially attuned organs to track down hosts.
  2. Body odor: Increased perspiration means amplified body odor, which mosquitoes use to detect us. Mosquitoes are also attracted to floral perfumes because they feed on plant nectar primarily.
  3. Body temperature: A high internal body temperature creates a signal for mosquitoes, so exercising around places where they rest or breed is a bad idea.
  4. Color: Mosquitoes seek out the longer wavelengths of light that human skin gives off. Regardless of pigmentation, exposed skin will attract mosquitoes.

Preventing Mosquito Bites

It can be tasking to remember and keep up with all of the mosquito prevention strategies available to you, but taking the time to keep mosquitoes away will pay off! Here are some key ways to limit your exposure to mosquitoes:

  • Clear out still water: Mosquitoes lay their eggs in pools of standing water, so pour it out wherever you find it. Rainwater commonly builds up in tarps, gutters, buckets, planters, and more places.
  • Choose clothing carefully: You want to avoid dark colors and short sleeves to keep your body temperature low and your skin concealed. Light colors and long sleeves can help you prevent mosquito bites.
  • Use bug spray: Safe application of EPA-registered insect repellents containing either DEET or picaridin are your best options for skin or clothes-application mosquito repellent. Natural options include lemon eucalyptus oil and citronella oil.

Mosquito Abatement in Peekskill NY

If you believe you’ve done everything you can to protect yourself from mosquito bites and you’re still having problems, reach out to your local pest control company. Our mosquito exterminators at Garrie Pest Control can assess your property for vulnerable spots to create a unique barrier spray system. This technique can keep mosquitoes out of your yard for months at a time! Reach out today to get started with a free quote.

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