An American cockroach

Are you seeing big, reddish-brown cockroaches scuttling about in your home or business this summer? Chances are you’re dealing with an infestation of American cockroaches. This is one of the more common cockroach species living around Peekskill NY. They thrive off of the combination of heat and humidity in the area.

It goes without saying that when you find cockroaches in your dwelling or place of business, you’ll look for the quickest ways to get rid of them. In order to do this, though, it’s important to learn a bit about what they like and the usual reasons for their appearance. Keep reading for cockroach control advice from the experts at Garrie Pest Control!

Learn About American Cockroaches

As you can tell by their name, American cockroaches are some of the most common kinds of cockroaches in our country. You can identify American cockroaches by these features:

  • Large in size, usually ranging between 1.5 and 2.5 inches in length
  • Reddish-brown color that gets lighter ranging from the center of the back to the limbs
  • Living in and around wet areas like drains, sewers, and bathrooms
  • Moving very quickly—American cockroaches can run at paces faster than three miles per hour (which seems slow but is actually impressive)

How to Prevent the American Cockroach

Because American cockroaches need to live in moist or humid places to survive, you’ll usually find them outside where water collects more easily. However, if they’re struggling to find the right environment outside, they’ll have no problem looking for what they need in your building. Because getting rid of an existing infestation is so difficult, we recommend taking the roach prevention steps regularly:

  1. Check for leaks in plumbing fixtures, cracked pipes, and poor ventilation in bathrooms and kitchens often. Any pooling water can spur an infestation.
  2. Clean spills promptly. Roaches also need a food source nearby, and because they’re not picky, they will resort to crumbs, spills, and residue on your floors to get by.
  3. Take your trash out regularly. If you’re throwing out food, roaches will find it. Use sealable bins or bags to dispose of your trash.

Roach Exterminators in Peekskill NY

One of the main issues with roaches is that they are good at staying hidden. If you find one roach, it probably means there are many more hiding out of sight. At this point, your best bet to get rid of them is to work with a professional roach control company. Our team at Garrie Pest Control is fit to handle every cockroach species around Peekskill NY. We can quickly eradicate them and work with you to form a plan that keeps them out for good. Reach out today for a free quote!

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