6 Things to Know About Stink Bugs

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No one wants any type of pest or bug in their home, especially stink bugs. These pests are very common in the fall months here in New York, making it important to learn everything you can about their behaviors. While mostly harmless, stink bugs can be a big nuisance and—of course—quite odorous. To ensure you keep them far away from your property this fall and year-round, the experts at Garrie Pest Control are here to share all you need to know about the stink bug. Read on to learn more!

What to Know About Stink Bugs in New York

1. What Do Stink Bugs Look Like?

The full name of stink bugs is the brown marmorated stink bugs. Stink bugs haven’t been in the United States for long since they’re not a native species. They were accidentally introduced from Asia in the late 1990s and can now be found all over the country. They are a brownish-grey color, have six legs, and have a body shaped like a triangular shield. They’re usually less than an inch long.

2. Dangers of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs pose more of an annoyance issue than any real danger. They don’t bite humans or damage your home like termites and other bugs can. They tend to invade in large numbers, which mostly just makes homeowners uneasy. Although stink bugs don’t pose a danger to humans or pets, in high numbers they can destroy crops and damage fruit badly enough to make it impossible to sell.

3. Stink Bug Odor

Stink bugs got their name from the foul odor they emit when they feel threatened or when they’re crushed. The odor can vary, with some emitting a cilantro-like smell and others smelling similar to a skunk. The odor comes from a chemical secreted from glands on their stomach. Another odor the stink bug can emit isn’t detected by humans but can be recognized by other stink bugs. Stink bugs release a certain pheromone when they find a safe place to hibernate for the winter. Other stink bugs recognize this specific pheromone and join so that they can hibernate together throughout the winter.

4. How Do Stink Bugs Get Inside?

Unlike many other pests, stink bugs don’t breed in your home because they go into a hibernation state during the winter. That means that while they will try to find a cozy spot in your home to hibernate, they won’t be laying eggs and producing a larger infestation for spring. They won’t begin to reproduce until the weather warms up. That’s why you typically won’t notice stink bugs in your home during the winter, but you will see them in the fall when they start looking for a warm place to hibernate. You’ll also notice them in the spring when the weather warms up and they begin to stir.

5. Stink Bug Prevention

Stink bugs enter your home through small cracks and holes, so the best way to prevent them from getting in is to thoroughly inspect your home and seal all cracks around windows, doors, pipes, electrical outlets, and underneath the fascia on the roof. Replace damaged screens on windows and doors as well.

6. How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

If you’ve done everything you can to get rid of stink bugs and still notice them in or around your home, it may be time to get in touch with a professional pest control company. At Garrie Pest Control, we know that no one wants to share their home with these small and smelly bugs.

Our experts can thoroughly inspect your property to determine where they’re getting indoors and implement steps to keep them out for good. Contact us today to get started!