Wasps, bees, spiders, and mice don’t have to be inside your house to be annoying. Even having them in your yard can be a problem. Whether they’re indoors or out, if you’re dealing with an excess of pests, it’s time to call the professionals, Garrie Pest Control. But, with so many pest control services in Middletown, NY, it can be difficult to find the right company. With these tips, you’ll not only find the right service, but you’ll also be pest-free in no time!


Chances are your friends and family members have dealt with the same pest control problems that you are. Ask them who they’ve used in the past. Referrals are the best way to find a quality company without having to do the legwork. Those around you have already done it for you. Not only are you learning more about great companies in the area, but you’re also learning who to avoid. Compile a list of the recommendations from your friends and look into each one.


On top of asking those closest to you for recommendations, check online to see what past customers have to say about prospective pest control companies. Reviews give you a glimpse into how companies conduct their business. Along with the best and the worst experiences of their customers, you’ll also see if the company has responded and dealt with the reviews appropriately. Steer clear of any pest control company that has overwhelmingly negative reviews. If their reputation isn’t positive, find a different service.


The company that you work with should be licensed, insured, and experienced. Before hiring a pest control company, ask about business licenses. They should have a valid business license from the state and city where they’re located. It’s also important that they’re insured. This ensures that if there’s an issue while they’re servicing your home, you aren’t left holding the bill. An experienced company understands how important these documents are and will readily supply them upon request.


While your pest control company should rid your home of any unwanted pests, they should also consider the safety of the environment. Be wary of any company that uses harmful chemicals or pesticides. Not only will these harm the environment, but they could pose a risk to your children and animals too. Instead, look for companies that utilize extermination methods that are safe and secure for your family and the earth. Garrie Pest Control offers environmental I.P.M. Programs.


A good pest control company is upfront about its practice, procedures, and pricing. Before they treat your home, they’ll spend time explaining the cost associated with the process. Once the final bill arrives, there won’t be any surprises. Avoid companies that attach hidden fees to their treatments. Instead, look for services that are open, honest, and willing to answer any questions that you may have.

With summer in full swing, pests are beginning to appear in droves. If you’re dealing with unwanted bugs or rodents, pest control in Middletown, NY can help. The extermination experts at Garrie Pest Control can help to restore your home to order safely and effectively. Whether you’re dealing with mice or ants, schedule a consultation with one of the friendly members of the Garrie Pest Control team today!


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