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While professional pest inspection services go a long way toward keeping your home pest-free, there are also many things you can do to keep ants, rodents, water bugs, and termites away from your property. The following tips go a long way toward keeping your home secure and free of annoying pests:

  • Fill cracks around the foundation, windows, and doors
  • Seal doors with new weather stripping
  • Check for openings in your home to keep rodents out
  • Get rid of moisture and fix any water damage from plumbing or foundation problems
  • Keep wood stacks away from the home to prevent termites from getting into the home
  • Put pet food away after pets are done eating
  • Take the trash out regularly

Fall pest prevention - Garrie Pest Control in Peekskill, New YorkUnfortunately, sometimes no matter what precautions you take, you still get pests in the home. If you have a pest problem, let professional pest control specialists help. At Garrie Pest Control, we offer pest control services to homes and businesses in New York and Connecticut. Our team has years of pest control management and delivers high-quality services to keep homes free of bed bugs, carpenter ants, ticks, roaches, mice, rats, and other pests. We also offer bird management, debris removal, and crawl space cleaning services. Don’t let pests get the better of you this fall, and don’t let them invade your home. Contact Garrie Pest Control and put those pests to rest!



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