Description: Range in size from 0.8mm to 9.5mm, the typical size of beetles who infest structures are 3mm to 6mm in size. The species ranges from red-brown to gray-brown in color. Their body shapes are varied, but the majority of the species is cyndrical and elongated with a round head.

Habits: Commonly infest seasoned wood. These beetles typically infest home structures, timber, cabinets and other furniture. They tend to re-infest and the females lay their eggs in the wood. Adults holes range from 1.5mm to 3mm in diameter.

Treatment: First begins with determination of an active infestation. Infestations can usually go unnoticed until the large round holes begin to appear in the wood surfaces from the adults. Infested wood can be removed and replaced with treated wood, reducing wood moisture and utilizing aerosol treatment in the holes are all forms of treatment.