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We all look forward to springtime, insects included! This is the time of year when many insects, termites included, become more active after the winter months. Amongst the many pests that are bothersome for homeowners in our region, termites are likely the most dangerous. While these insects are active throughout the year, spring is when they tend to swarm and infest new areas. Due to this, it’s important to keep an eye out for flying termites during this time of year and take the necessary steps to prevent them from getting inside your house.

Garrie Pest Control understands how stressful it is to deal with a termite infestation. Our experts are here to help—read on to learn everything you need to know about termite swarms.

What Are Termite Swarmers?

One of the termite castes is the “swarmer” termite, also known as an “alate” and most often called a flying termite. These termites are reproductives that leave their nest in the springtime to mate and form new colonies. Seeing these flying termites near your home can indicate a potential infestation, which is why it’s important to know how to identify them. Swarmers are black to brown in color and reach a length of 3/8 inches, including the wings. Their wings are translucent in color or slightly milky or smoky. Their wings may overlap and are typically as long as or slightly longer than their bodies.

In spring, swarmers move into structures around basement windows, doorways, near porches, or any other place where wood will come into contact with soil. A termite infestation can eat away at the very structure of your home before you realize it. In order to prevent them from coming in the first place, it’s important to take preventative measures.

Top Tips to Prevent Flying Termites

It’s important to pay attention to any signs of flying termites, particularly in the spring. There are several things you can do to protect your property from wood-destroying insects:

  • Routinely clean your yard of any rotting wood, trees, etc. Ensure your porch or deck is maintained.
  • Keep all mulch away from the foundation of your home.
  • Store all firewood above ground and away from the perimeter of your property.
  • Repair issues with your plumbing to avoid any leaks or moisture that could attract termites.
  • Work with a professional termite control expert to implement treatments that repel termites.

Think You Have Termites in Your Home?

If you are seeing flying termites near your home or have a termite infestation, you’ll need professional help. It is best to protect your home from wood-destroying insects by getting annual pest control inspections. The experts at Garrie Pest Control are ready to help—contact us today to protect your property from swarming termites!

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