Spring can seem like a relief. Winter is over and warm weather is about to return. The rains will help your plants recover from the blistering cold and you can enjoy outdoor activities again.

However, spring is also the beginning of bug season. Insects are mating, reproducing, nesting, and coming out of hibernation in search of food. Different insects have different behaviors, but in general, they tend to be very active once warm and rainy weather returns in spring.

So what can you do as a homeowner? You very well should do something; gone unchecked, bugs will happily start feeding and nesting right inside your home. Unlike their homes in the wild, you have air conditioning, freshwater, and a pantry full of food.

Here are the best tips that Garrie Pest Control- residential pest control experts recommend to get ready for spring bugs.


Clutter is very insect-friendly. It replicates nests that bugs inhabit in the wild. Cold, dark, and preferably damp places are good for hiding from potential predators like you. You may not be interested in eating the bugs that wander into your home, but they don’t know that. So they’ll happily keep to cluttered areas in your home. Keep pests from nesting and get rid of unused clothing, old cardboard boxes, and recyclables that you’ve stored up. Don’t leave messes on the floor. Also, keep your kitchen counters clutter-free.


Just because you keep the door shut, that doesn’t mean you aren’t attracting pests. Bugs can easily walk right through gaps around doors and windows. Check your foundation, entryways, and exposed plumbing for gaps that can attract insects. Very, very tiny cracks are large enough for cockroaches, spiders, and other unwanted pests to make their way indoors.


Bad plumbing can also attract spring bugs. Therefore, you need to keep your plumbing in good shape. Follow a good residential pest control company’s advice and fix leaks as soon as possible. Exposed moisture will attract bugs who want a convenient drink. Eliminate downspout odors to deter flies and roaches, which are attracted to human waste. If water leaks have damaged any materials in your home, repair this damage right away. Wet building materials like wood can attract ants and other insects that love moist environments.


You should keep food safely stored away so it doesn’t tempt spring bugs. Give your refrigerator and pantry a nice cleaning. Moldy odors from bad food can attract nature’s recycling machines, like fruit flies and house flies. Keep cereals, chips, and other foods in non-sealable packages stored in airtight canisters. Just rolling up a cereal bag isn’t enough to keep tiny bugs out. Clean your kitchen regularly to deter ants, which will gladly swarm your home for a few crumbs of leftover food.


Finally, you should contact a good residential pest control company in your area, such as Garrie Pest Control. The residential pest control cost may seem like an unnecessary investment; however, if it prevents insect problems then it is worth it. This is especially true if ants, termites, and other destructive bugs take over your home this spring. Act fast and call Garrie Pest Control.


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