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Our state-of-the-art processes and techniques of eliminating pests from your home or business ensure you will see results quickly. We have treatment plans that can be tailored your specific needs and the pests you need targeted. We use many organic products that are safe and extremely effective.

Garrie Pest Control Services are pet-friendly, eco-friendly and family friendly

Garrie Pest Control employees are trained to the most demanding safety and service levels while practicing all CDC recommended methods to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Safety has been and always will be our first concern.

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The Westchester  Vicinity’s Best Choice For Green Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

At Garrie Pest Control, we only do things one way – the right way. We invest in the best equipment, the best training, and the best technicians to ensure our services meet and exceed all state regulations. Garrie’s goal is to exceed expectations with the highest quality service; delivered safely, promptly and at competitive rates.  We take great care in selecting and investing in effective products that meet these criteria.

Offering green family, pet and environmentally-friendly peat control services in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and Rockland Counties in NY & Fairfield County, CT

How Can You Choose The Best Ant Control Services?

Choosing the best pest control services is essential for dealing with an ant infestation. If you are struggling to find a good company that offers high-quality carpenter ant control services, we suggest you consider the following things:

1. Level of Expertise

Begin by evaluating how much experience a company has in providing pest control services. You must choose a company with highly-trained professionals familiar with the processes and procedures required to deal with a carpenter ant or other types of ant infestations.

2. Pest Control Methods Used

Ask about the best control methods utilized by an ant control service. Do some research on their effectiveness and whether they will deliver short-term or long-term results. Be sure to ask about the type of products being used; consider environment, pets and family members.

3.  Customer Testimonials

If you are looking for a superb way to assess whether an ant control service is qualified to help get rid of your problems, read online customer reviews. Besides determining their expertise, online reviews will help you understand other things such as customer service, attention-to-detail and commitment to resolving your issues.

Green, Eco Friendly Pest Control 

We Offer Eco Friendly Green Services For A Wide Variety of Pests

We offer a wide variety of both treatment and prevention services for a wide variety of pests, including bees, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes, wasps, and much more!

Our green pest control services include the following:

    • Bed Bug Control Programs
    • Carpenter Ant Control
    • Commercial Service Contracts
    • Mouse and Rat Control
    • Preventative Residential Maintenance Programs
    • Roach, Pantry Pest, and Flea Control
    • Sentricom™ Termite Elimination System
    • A.P. Pest Control Insulation
    • Tick Control
    • Wasp and Bee Control

Here’s what our customers think of our services

Whenever I call your company my concern is immediately attended to with prompt and courteous service.

– Rita Korewick

Always courteous, professional, respectful of privacy, gets the work done.

– Ryan Casper

Garrie pest control was immediately responsive to my needs and got rid of my problem quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend!!

– Lauren Albert

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    Garrie Pest Control is dedicated to delivering the best green control services in Westchester, White Plains, Lower Hudson Valley, Putnam, Orange County, Rockland County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT. We utilize pest control methods that are highly effective and long-lasting.  We never cut corners, and we will not buy inferior products.  After all, we have focused on being the best value for pest-control since we started in 1972.  That is why we invest in the best products, the best equipment, and the best training for our people.  Garrie Pest Control has a reputation for being one of the most trusted pest control management organizations in the region. We work to maintain and grow that reputation, one customer, at a time.

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