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Crawlspace encapsulations have become a popular home improvement, eliminating moisture issues in the enclosed area. Up to 50% of a household’s airflow can go through a crawlspace. Crawlspace encapsulation and dehumidification (if needed) are known as significant contributors to improving indoor air quality.

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Crawl space in Westchester County Ny before encapsulation by Garrie Pest Control
Westchester crawlspace after encapsulation by Garrie Pest Control

What exactly is a crawlspace encapsulation?

One of the easiest ways to describe crawlspace encapsulation is to think of a pool liner. The job of both a pool liner and crawlspace encapsulation is to prevent leakage— in pools the water, in crawl spaces the water vapor. Your crawl space encapsulation consists of a water vapor barrier (not a water barrier)that covers the entire crawl space. Each section is sealed together so that the whole area has a lining that helps keep water vapor, moisture, and wood-destroying pests from entering your home. There are two common encapsulating services. Sealing entails encapsulation of the floor of your crawlspace. This encapsulation service typically goes up to 12” up the walls. Full encapsulation will include the walls, the ceiling and may consist of adding insulation, too.

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At Garrie Pest Control, we only do things one way – the right way. We invest in the best equipment, the best training, and the best technicians to ensure our services meet and exceed all state regulations. We’re licensed to kill, and that is bad news for pests. We provide encapsulation services at the HIGHEST LEVELS OF QUALITY and COMPETITIVE RATES.

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Crawlspace Encapsulation Service Help Prevent Termite & Carpenter Ants While Improving Your Home’s Air Quality 

Crawl space in Westchester County Ny before encapsulation by Garrie Pest Control

The benefits of crawlspace encapsulation are: 

  1. Crawl space in Westchester County NY before encapsulation by Garrie Pest Control
  2. Crawlspace Encapsulation Service creating the best environment for crawl space
  3. Termite and carpenter ant and insect prevention – a moisture barrier between the soil and the home create an inhospitable environment for the wood-damaging pest.
  4. Encapsulation reduces moisture, mold, and fungi with an effective vapor barrier. Note – some crawl spaces are so big that they need a dehumidifying system added for optimal moisture reduction.
  5. Improves air quality by reducing mold spores
  6. Removes odors (mildew, mold) especially if there is moisture in your crawl space
  7. Improves energy efficiency – reduces heating and cooling costs
  8. Reduce wood rot in foundations, basement, and windows
  9. Make the environment in the home more comfortable
  10. The clean, dry space can be used for storage

We also provide full basement insulating

What are the signs that a home may need a crawlspace encapsulation?

The signs that a homeowner could benefit from encapsulation can be deduced from the benefits above. However, let’s make it easy. If your home has one or more of the issues below, contact us at 833-521-9737  for a free evaluation.  

  1. Insect problems – especially termites & carpenter ants
  2. Mold – If you see the spores on walls pipes, etc. (add any other areas mold is seen), call us immediately
  3. Mildew and musty odors emanating from the basement and crawl space
  4. If you see moisture on your insulation or if it feels wet to the touch
  5. Windows are sweating, or you can feel the moisture on the window sill and jams
  6. If your floors are getting “spongy” or wet
  7. our heating and cooling costs are exorbitant
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Westchester crawlspace after encapsulation by Garrie Pest Control

Why is it essential to have a pest control company involved with encapsulation? 

It is highly recommended that a pest control company be involved with the encapsulation process because wood-destroying pests can destroy your home. If there is standing water (sometimes referred to as bulk water) in your crawl space, you never want to start the encapsulation. Encapsulation places a vapor barrier down, not a water barrier. If you have standing water under your vapor barrier, it will find a way inside the boundary. You must take care of this type of water issue before encapsulating your crawl space. A pest control professional should examine the crawl space for moisture, which can attract wood-destroying insects. A professional will also inspect for cracks and holes in the foundation that mice, rats, and insects can use to enter the home. (Add any additional inspections that should be included). A pest control expert will determine if your crawl space is in proper condition to begin encapsulation. You need to remediate any problems; a professional can correct them. This inspection will prevent having to rip up the encapsulation to fix a pest issue later.

Why people choose Garrie Pest Control

Since 1972, Garrie Pest Control has been dedicated to delivering the highest quality pest control in services in Westchester County at fair rates – that’s real value.

We are proud to provide our customers with the safest, most effective pest solutions.  At Garrie Pest Control, we know how important it is to keep your home and business free from pests.

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    What are the benefits of using Garrie Pest Control to inspect and encapsulate your crawl space?

    Inspecting for pest issues before encapsulating your crawl space will save you time, money, and, most of all, frustration. The benefits of having Garrie Pest Control doing the inspection and encapsulation are three-fold. First, we are expert inspectors. Second, we offer bundle pricing so you’ll save money. Finally, we can integrate your crawlspace encapsulation with an overall pest control plan for your home. By the way, if your crawl space needs cleanout before inspection and encapsulation, Garrie can bundle that service too, saving you additional money, time, and hassle. Call us at 833-521-9737 and experience the Garrie Difference.

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