The moment most homeowner dreads has finally arrived: you saw a mouse or rat scurrying across the floor. Where there is one rodent, there is a family of rodents. The best option is to contact a pest control in Middletown, NY. How can you get your home ready for your appointment with the pest control technician? Learn the five most important steps you must take to prepare for rodent control services.


Rodents are drawn to food, and your kitchen is likely the biggest food source in your home. Focus your attention on preparing this room for pest control services first. Start by ensuring all food is stored safely and securely. Food that is already stored in jars or cans is safe. Other foods are vulnerable to contamination by rodents. This is especially true for bread, chips, and other products kept in bags since it is easy for mice to chew right through the bag. Throw out items with damaged packaging and store everything else in heavy plastic Tupperware or inside the refrigerator. Keep up with this food storage before the technician arrives and for two weeks after their visit. Additionally, you will need to move anything that is under the sink, on top of the fridge, or in other areas that the pest control services need to access.


After handling the kitchen, you can move on to preparing the rest of your home. Sweep, vacuum, and clean every room. Take out all of the trash and keep the lids on all of your indoor and outdoor trash barrels. You should also recycle or get rid of any unneeded boxes, papers, bags, and other storage items. Rodents use household objects like these for nesting material. You can also help out the pest control technician by moving all furniture a few inches away from the walls, so they can easily inspect the home.


Walk around your home and inspect all of the walls and baseboards. Look for small holes, cracks, and spaces that do not seal correctly. Mice can fit through gaps as little as a quarter of an inch, and rats can fit through spaces measuring one-half of an inch. Fill and repair these cracks or, if you live in an apartment, report them to the landlord.


Write a list of all the places where you or anyone in your family has seen rodents or noticed signs of them. This will make the pest control technician’s job much easier. When they arrive, let them know where the rodent sightings took place, along with the evidence of rodent activity and their locations. The technician will then be able to target their search to the areas where the rodents are the most active. They will likely place a range of baits and traps in these areas. Don’t touch or remove these during or after the pest control service.


Having a rodent infestation in your home can leave you and your family vulnerable to a range of health hazards. Rodents are known carriers of a range of diseases, and they are just generally unsanitary. You can protect your family’s health by cleaning up any rodent feces and urine that you notice. Throw out any of the rodent’s food sources, too. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands after doing so.

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