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A honey bee colony forming in your home can go from an undetectable issue to a constant nuisance in what seems like no time at all. Every spring, the honey bees swarm again to look for a new home. If they find a hidden space through a hole in your home, they will be more than happy to settle for the summer. At Garrie Pest Control, we know that no one wants to deal with this problem, so we train our bee removal specialists to use the safest and most effective methods to remove hives in residential areas.

Why Are There Honey Bees Inside My Walls?

Growing honey bee colonies swarm each spring to look for a new place to live. They often make use of hollowed old trees out in the wild, but when they live near a neighborhood, they commonly find opportunities to nest in wooden homes. There are three main ways that you can prevent a colony from setting up shop in your house:

  1. Caulk any gaps that they might be able to enter through. They often find a way in through holes in siding, knots in wood, and openings for plumbing and electrical wires.
  2. Install window screens to cover openings that are needed for ventilation.
  3. Check around your home regularly for potential liabilities and new bee activity.

How to Remove of Bees in Walls

When you discover a growing beehive in the walls of your home, the next step is to determine just how large the nest and population are. If the bees have recently inhabited your walls, simple nest removal tactics can be applied by licensed bee removal experts. However, in certain cases of extreme infestation, a pest control company will have to resort to extermination tactics. Any amount of honey bees living in your home warrants a call to your local pest control specialists, though – it’s never safe to try to remove the bees yourself.

Our technicians at Garrie Pest Control know just how important honey bees are to their local ecosystems as pollinators, and will always go with the most eco-friendly and humane efforts possible to remove them.

Bee Removal in Peekskill NY

If the buzzing noise in your walls is starting to drive you crazy, it’s time to contact your local pest control company. We can send our bee removal experts out to inspect your situation and draft a plan to have them removed as quickly and cautiously as possible. Contact us today for a free bee removal quote!

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