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Do you think you have a termite problem? Garrie Pest Control to the rescue! Whether you have a residential or commercial property in Westchester, White Plains, the Lower Hudson Valley or Fairfield, Connecticut, we’re here to help you out! We offer quality termite inspection and proven termite control services.

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At Garrie Pest Control we do things only one way – the right way. We invest in the best equipment, the best training, and the best technicians to ensure our services meet and exceed all state regulations.  Garrie’s goal is to exceed expectations with the highest quality service; delivered promptly and at competitive rates.

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Termites Can Be Difficult to Detect With An Untrained Eye

This video was taken by one of our techs and shows how difficult it can be to see where termites are entering your home.

Why You Need To Inspect and Control Termites

According to research by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), termites are the leading cause of property damage, $5 billion annually in the U.S.
Because of the potential for damage, a termite inspection should be high on your list of residential and commercial preventative measures. If left unchecked, termites can:

  • Cause structural damage to your property
  • Destroy window frames and doors
  • Eat 15 pounds of wood per week

The wise homeowner schedules regular inspections to ensure that termites have not established residence in their home. And if they are found exterminates them before they cause extensive damage.


Descriptions, Habits And Treatment of Termites

Identifying termites can be difficult, mainly because they are hard to detect. Most people don’t know what a termite looks like; nor do they know the habits of this destructive insect.

Here is a quick look at termites, their habits and the treatment method:

types of termites found in Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange & Rockland Counites NY and Fairfield County CT

Description – Termites live in large colonies. A single colony can consist of workers, soldiers and reproductive kings and queens. They all look different in appearance.

  • Workers have white bodies, are wingless, and are about 9mm to 12mm in length. The workers are the ones who feed on wood surfaces. They are responsible for expanding the colony and feeding the king and queen.
  • Soldiers have yellow to orange bodies and are wingless and 9mm to 12mm in length but have large jaws or pincers. Soldiers are produced as the colony increases. They are responsible for protecting the colony from other invaders like ants.
  • Swarmers, also called reproductive termites are dark brown to black with brownish to grey wings. They are about 9mm in length.

FYI: Swarmers lose their wings after swarming.

Habits –  Termites build colonies in the soil. Workers create mud tubes leading to wood structures to feed. All colonies are connected to either ground or a source of moisture. Swarms typically occur in the spring or after a warm rain.

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Treatment– A termite inspection in Putnam includes a thorough examination of the property for the presence of a swarm or any wood damage. All of these are signs that a well-established colony is residing in or near the property.

The inspection process includes:

  • checking the extent of termite infestations
  • identifying the points of entry
  • checking for moisture problems to determine the proper treatment.
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How to Compare Termite Control Services to Find the One That Is Best For You

Picking the best company for termite eradication can be a challenge. The following are some pointers to help you choose the best one:

  • Experience Matters – look for an experienced termite and pest control service. Experience means the company can quickly assess the damage and apply appropriate measures.
  • The Products They Use – the products used for pest and termite extermination can be extremely harsh. Good termite and pest control service providers use products that are both effective and friendly to both the environment and the inhabitants of the property.
  • Customer Reviews – happy customers are always going to leave honest reviews. It’s equally important to pay attention to negative reviews. Too many angry customers can be a red flag.

We Are the Value Leaders in Termite Inspection and Control

If you’re looking for the best termite and pest control service, get in touch with Garrie Pest Control. We’re dedicated to offering the best value and are experienced in handling termite inspection and control. Our process is thorough and effective, starting with a thorough examination of your residential or commercial property interior and exterior.

We are relentless in seeking out the extent of the infestation and point of entry, as well as identifying any other issues that are offering the termites the perfect environment to create a colony. Once our inspection is finished, Garrie Pest Control’s termite experts can develop appropriate, customized treatment options for your unique situation. At Garrie Pest Control, we never skimp on quality and deliver effective results at competitive rates.

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    Garrie Pest Control Uses the Best, Eco-friendly, Sentricon® Products

    At Garrie Pest Control, we believe in following responsible business practices, including the products we use. That’s why we only use Sentricon®.

    This is the same product used to protect various national landmarks, such as the Capitol Building, Independence Hall, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Sentricon® system is the only termite product that has been awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for the superior, environmentally-responsible chemistry.

    We use Sentricon® because it is an effective, eco-friendly termite protection and bait system. Our professionals also understand the importance of maintaining indoor air quality. Sentricon® allows us to pay attention to this factor while eliminating all your pest and termite problems.

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