How to Keep Stink Bugs Out

Stink bug appearance in Peekskill NY - Garrie Pest Control

Scientists assume that stink bugs have developed their foul odor as a defense mechanism against potential predators. We can confirm that it makes them unpleasant guests in our homes!

Every year in Peekskill NY, we hear complaints about little brown bugs infiltrating homes. It also appears that we deal with more year after year in our area. If you believe that you have a stink bug infestation, read on. We will share our expert tips with you on identifying and getting rid of stink bugs and what you can do to prevent them in the first place.

How Do I Know if I Have Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs don’t cause a health risk when they enter your home, but they aren’t called stink bugs for nothing. Here are a few ways to tell if the pests in your house are stink bugs:

  1. Stink bugs are usually slightly over half an inch long with long antennae and shield-shaped bodies.
  2. They have a brown base color with patterns of green, black and yellow on their backs. Their antennae and legs have white stripes.
  3. Their odor is pungent and foul—it is sometimes described as smelling similar to coriander.

If you get near a stink bug to try to trap or remove it, it will emit its odor. This will be a sure sign that you’re dealing with stink bugs.

How to Keep Stink Bugs Out

Stink bugs usually find their way in on their own, entering homes through any access points that they can find. They like to enter through:

  • Unsealed cracks in walls
  • Gaps around doors and windows
  • Ventilation systems
  • Torn screen doors

In order to keep stink bugs out, it’s important to check around your house for any of these vulnerabilities. Turning off outdoor lights when not in use will also help to keep stink bugs away.

Professional Help Removing Stink Bugs in Peekskill NY

If you can’t seem to find the source of your stink bug infestation in Peekskill NY, it’s time to call the pest control experts at Garrie Pest Control. Our technicians are trained to quickly identify the source of a stink bug outbreak and correct the issue by both removing stink bugs inside the house and blocking them from returning. For more information on our stink bug removal services or for a free quote on pest control, contact us today!