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Are you noticing more spiders in and around your house than usual? Because of the great diversity in spider species around Peekskill NY, different spiders can be attracted to your property for a variety of reasons. This makes at-home spider control difficult, but not impossible. Our spider exterminators at Garrie Pest Control can teach you how to get rid of spiders outside and in the house. Read on to learn!

What Attracts Spiders in Peekskill NY?

There are several kinds of environments your home might offer that can attract different species of spiders. It’s important to keep these conditions under control:

  1. Moisture: Some spiders are drawn to humid areas or pooling moisture. Make sure your bathroom and crawl spaces are properly ventilated and check your plumbing fixtures for leaks often.
  2. Aridity: Conversely, many spiders prefer dry environments, like the dusty corners of our walls or our garages. A spider infestation could be coming from your storage space!
  3. Clutter: A messy space provides spiders with lots of hiding places to choose from. Clutter also attracts insects that they can prey on.

How to Repel Spiders Naturally

Improving the above conditions can often lead to a decrease in spider activity around your property, but sometimes spider infestations can come from sources that are hard to find. This is why we try to provide our customers with all of the spider control tips that we have before coming out for an inspection. If you’re wondering how to get rid of spiders in house plants, crawl spaces, storage, and other places in your home, we have some natural spider control strategies that you can use:

  • Make sure that there aren’t cracks or gaps around your doors, windows, walls, and roofing.
  • Buy plants with strong smells, like lavender, mint, and eucalyptus. Spiders will avoid these scents.
  • Use citrus-based cleaning products or even rub citrus peels around suspected entry points.
  • Dilute white vinegar with water to create a spider spray to spread around areas of noted activity.

Get Rid of Spiders with Professional Help

If you’ve tried everything you can to get rid of spiders naturally and nothing is working, reach out to your local pest control company. Our spider exterminators at Garrie Pest Control can inspect your property to find the source of your spider infestation, clear out all active spiders, and teach you how to prevent similar problems on your own. Contact us today for a free quote!

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