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Like other species of bees, mining bees, otherwise known as ground bees, play important roles in their local ecosystems. They pollinate our plants and aerate our soil, helping you achieve beautiful growth in your yard, free of charge! However, having a growing population of them in your yard can be unsettling, and sometimes more aggressive bees or wasps will move into the tunnels that they have dug out. Our bee removal experts at Garrie Pest Control have laid out some steps to identifying ground nesting bees in your yard in Peekskill NY. Read on to learn!

Signs of Ground Bees in Your Yard

There are many kinds of burrowing pests that live in and around Peekskill NY. So how can you tell if you have ground bees? These are some of the most common signs of mining bees in the ground:

  • Holes that have an opening around 1/4”-1/2“ in diameter
  • Small mounds of dirt around these holes
  • Bees that look similar to honey bees, but smaller and with a fuzzy thorax

Miner bees don’t live in communal hives, but they do dig their tunnels in close proximity to each other. If you find one tunnel, finding more similar ones close by is a great sign of a ground bee population.

Are Ground Bees Dangerous?

Mining bees do have stingers but are much less temperamental than some other bee species, and especially less aggressive than wasps and hornets. When you have ground bees tunneling in your yard, they are only there to go about their business. If you go about yours, they will leave you alone!

However, the problem with mining bees is that they create tunnels that other stinging insects like to inhabit. Some species of wasps create their nests by digging tunnels in the ground, but they are more than happy to invade a preexisting nesting network to start off their breeding season. If you start to notice an increasing number of tunnels in your yard, it’s safe to bet that wasps could be taking over any day. You can always ask your local pest control company about the risks associated with the tunnels in your yard.

Pest Control for Mining Bees in Peekskill NY

Although having some bees around can be very beneficial, having too many mining bees and ground bee nests around can lead to more serious safety issues. If you believe you have miner bees but can’t be sure, talk to the bee removal experts at Garrie Pest Control. We understand how vital bees are to their local ecosystem, so we use the most humane strategies and eco-conscious products to remove them. For a free quote, contact us today!

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