Pests in your home or business can be annoying, unhealthy, and destructive. Since pests damage your property and belongings and leave droppings and nesting materials behind, it’s hard to feel totally comfortable in your own space. Though many people call pest control professionals to deal with pest invasions, other home and business owners avoid pest control because of the toxic chemicals that are often used. Fortunately, there are other options.

In the past, spraying harsh and toxic chemicals was the norm for dealing with pests. Though these strategies were effective in killing bugs, the use of toxic chemicals can put your health and the health of others at risk. Public opinion and the need for sustainable approaches have pushed the industry to develop advancements in pest control that are environmentally friendly. If you’re dealing with an unwelcome invader in your home or business, ask professionals in pest control in Middletown, NY, about these advancements in green pest control.


Trapping is an effective way of dealing with pests. In order to trap bugs, you first have to lure them to a specific location, usually with bait. If you have flies, sticker panels and fly lights are two effective and green options for eliminating the problem. Both come in a variety of styles and therefore are able to blend into any existing décor. If you have rodents in your home, tamper-proof bait stations outside the home can effectively keep pests from getting into your property. Similarly, to deal with a cockroach infestation, nonvolatile baits like pucks or gels are great options that have no chance of becoming airborne.


Some new techniques in pest control are organic repellents that take down the pest problem without the side effects of non-organic and toxic solutions. These approaches are not harmful to mammals, are effective in small amounts, and incredibly affordable. In addition, using natural repellents means there’s no concern that the pests will adapt to tolerate the repellent and eventually become resistant.


Inspired by an old Australian technique of getting rid of pests, modern approaches to ridding homes and businesses of cockroaches and ants include the use of heat. This technology attacks the insects by heating their internal temperature to a point of dehydration. Without needing too high of a temperature, heat treatment can terminate the bug, no matter their stage in life.


Perhaps the most effective and environmentally friendly way to combat a pest issue is through prevention. Sealing all potential entry points for bugs and rodents can block them from invading your property. Weatherstripping, plugging holes, and caulking cracks on the outside of the building are all effective approaches.

Another effective way to prevent the invasion of pests into your home or business is by eliminating odors, clutter, and debris that commonly attract unwanted bugs and rodents. Clean out your gutters, use natural odor neutralizers in trash and dumpsters, and eliminate any debris, litter, or fallen fruit around your property.

If you want to prevent pest intrusion of your home, or need to eliminate an existing pest problem, contact a local and trustworthy pest control company in Middletown, NY, today and ask them about their environmentally friendly approaches.


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