Woodchucks: they’re cute and cuddly looking, but surprisingly destructive. Also known as groundhogs, they are a very common pest.

Woodchucks can burrow into yards and gardens, and can even interfere with your home itself. These binge-eating rodents are incredibly destructive to anyone who wants to grow a nice home landscape. If you’re trying to grow food like tomatoes and carrots, forget about it–woodchucks will get to them before you will. In fact, they can double their body weight between spring and fall just chowing down on healthy vegetation. That’s how much a woodchuck can chuck. And let’s not forget the ugly holes that they make as they burrow in our yards!

So what can you do to prevent woodchuck problems before your yard turns into a wasteland of chewed plants and ground burrows?


As with all residential pest control, controlling woodchucks requires you to be able to identify the furry creatures. They’re often confused for squirrels, beavers, or even large brown rats. However, woodchucks are distinct in some specific ways. They’re stocky, with square-like bodies and brown fur. Look for their short ears and stubby, bushy tails. They can be as small as an average ground squirrel or grow to be as tall as three feet!

Woodchucks are spooked by humans, like most rodents, so they may disappear into their burrows before you can catch them at work. Luckily, there are some clear clues that point to a woodchuck infestation. Look for the foot-wide holes that they burrow around yards. The holes will have a mount of excavated soil around them. Look for several entrances near each other. Also look for claw and chew marks in trees and other vegetation.


Good news: it’s actually not very hard to repel woodchucks! Your yard gives them the healthy vegetation that they crave, and they’re likely to burrow their underground homes nearby their favorite food sources. So, how do you make your yummy yard less appetizing to these ravenous rodents? Change the flavor! Woodchucks are repelled by blood meal, ground black pepper, baby powder, and spicy mixtures of hot peppers and garlic. Spray/sprinkle a liberal amount of these around your garden. You may even try to make a perimeter with the repellant around your yard to deter them from entering in the first place.

Another way to help repel woodchucks is to keep your yard well-trimmed with the grass cut low. If there are any holes or gaps, fill them in with dirt. Even if you’ve simply turned up a small amount of loose soil to plant new vegetation, cover the exposed dirt with rocks.


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