Fall brings cooler breeze and sometimes more critters into your home. Don’t think the cooler air will get rid of pests. In fact, with the changing seasons, they’re more likely to seek shelter in your home. But don’t be discouraged. Here’s how you can combat unwanted pests during this coming fall.


Your property could be inviting pests and critters indoors. How could this be? You don’t just have to leave your door wide open to welcome flies and other pests. Your home or business may actually have openings that seem tiny enough for you to ignore but are just large enough for pests to invade.

Loose siding, holes in exterior walls, damaged outdoor vents, gaps around doors and windows, and other openings may be large enough to invite rats and mice, which can compress their bones and fit into impossibly small spaces. Check the exterior and interior of your house and seal up any gaps, cracks, or openings to avoid having pests crawl through to your house.


Summer is a season of weeds, but so is fall, even if the weeds are a little different. While your grass sits dormant and stops growing during colder seasons, it’s still important to keep your yard neatly trimmed. High vegetation near exterior walls can host rodents like opossum and raccoons. Dead vegetation can welcome termites as well. Trim your bushes and pull out overgrown weeds and plants. Keep your yard mess-free to avoid a critter’s nesting ground and hideout.


Summer pests like wasps can nest outside your home or business and may abandon these posts when autumn arrives. But that doesn’t mean that these nests are now dormant. Wasps and hornets can still inhabit roof eaves and nest above exterior doorways. Dangerous arachnids like black widows may wander from their nests, but are still active. Meanwhile, some pests like rats take over another creature’s abandoned dwelling.

Walk around your yard and house and look around and underneath your patio and deck for nests. Don’t try to get rid of it yourself. You may encounter an extremely dangerous and/or aggressive pest. Ask a local pest control company to remove all nests they find after summer ends.


It’s important to protect your home from pests that will try to make their way into your building to escape the chilling temperatures. Many varieties of creatures will instinctively look for warm dwellings in expectation of the winter chill. This means that your property can become a safe dwelling for many varieties of pests. Call commercial or residential pest control teams, like Garrie Pest Control, to apply preventative treatments. We can also inspect the areas that are most prone to pest activity. Garrie Pest Control provides pest control services to control many types of insect and rodent infestations. We will get into your crawl space and winterize your house to keep the pesky pests away during the fall and winter season. Keep them out and call us today for the best autumn pest control services in Middletown, NY.