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Here in Peekskill NY, we are accustomed to seeing bees and wasps in the spring and summertime. In fact, bees, wasps, and hornets are welcomed insects and some even play an important role in our ecosystem. So how do you know when you have a bee issue? If a wasp or hornet nest has been built on or near your property, you have a bee issue that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Garrie Pest Control is a licensed bee control company. We are happy to help with identifying bees and wasps in your neighborhood or property.  

How to Identify Bees in Peekskill NY

It’s difficult to identify stinging insects. No one wants to risk getting close enough to identify which type you’re dealing with, which is why it’s best to identify them by their unique nests. Seeing any of the following nests indicates that you may be dealing with potentially dangerous insects:

  1. Yellowjacket nests. These nests are in a papery substance and are often found within wall voids or cavities in the ground.
  2. Paper wasp nests. Paper wasps create open, exposed nests that most often resemble upside-down umbrellas.
  3. Bald-faced hornet nests. Usually found in tree stumps or wall cavities, bald-faced hornet nests also create paper-like nests.

Dangerous Wasps & Hornets 

Bees may not sting often, but there are certain wasps and hornets that are infamous for being more aggressive. Their behavior can be unpredictable, especially in the fall months when they begin to prepare for the winter months ahead. Although they won’t usually attack unless threatened, it’s best to avoid walking up to any nests, particularly when someone nearby is allergic. If you see a nest on or near your property, it’s best to call a professional wasp exterminator who can safely and effectively provide nest removal services.

What to Do When You Have a Bee Issue

Whether you need help identifying bees or need protection against dangerous bees, it’s always important to enlist the help of a licensed pest control company. The team at Garrie Pest Control will ensure your bee issue is taken care of promptly and safely. To learn about our bee and wasp removal services, contact us today!

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