Description: Rusty and Reddish in color. The adult bedbug is approx. 5mm in length. While an unfed bedbug is flat and thin, after feeding they become longer, rounder and redder.

Habits: They hide in gaps (most often on wood and paper surfaces) during the day. At night, they leave these areas to feed on blood sources from humans, birds, and family pets. Feeding takes anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes and is typically not noticed by the host.

Treatment: Due to the high reproductive rate (1 female lays 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime) and their tendency to seek out other places aside from mattresses and bed frames makes it difficult for any home owner to control. Treatment is best completed by a professional and the customer following pre-treatment guidelines.


Description: Bites typically look like a rash with red bumps that may cause itching and become inflamed. Due to the anesthetic properties of the bed bug saliva, the host tends not to feel when they are being bitten.

Treatment: Bites will typically disappear on their own, but if they become too painful or the rash worsens medical attention should be sought out to treat a possible allergic reaction.

*Not everyone reacts the same to bed bug bites, some may not show a reaction at all.

Life cycle of bed bugs

Bed Bug Program

Services Provided By Garrie Pest Control:

  • Thorough visible inspection of the premises for evidence of infestation by Bed Bugs
  • Treatment for the control (the periodic eradication of existing Bed Bug infestation within practical limits) of the Bed Bugs as determined appropriate by Garrie Pest Control.
  • Application of Bed Bug products in accordance with the directions of the manufacture, the U.S. EPA approved labels and the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations.
  • In some cases, additional inspection tools may be required, such as a K9 detection service. If so, additional fees may apply. Please be advised that the K9 scent detection service is a separate entity and not affiliated with Garrie Pest Control.

Description of service –


Garrie Pest Control will provide the services for the control of bed bugs in your home or business. Items covered include all bedroom furniture, bed frames, sofas, pictures, posters, wall hanging, drapes the perimeter edge of carpeting will be lifted and treated, and wall voids treated by drilling and or removal of switch and outlet plates.

Customer’s Obligation 

For Beg Bug control to be effective, the customer must do their part. The customer must:

  • Maintain the premises in a condition that does not promote infestations by bed bugs, -a reasonably clean and sanitary condition
  • Keep the structure in such a state of repair to avoid providing easily accessible means of access to bed bugs.
  • Make all necessary preparations required for the treatment of bedbugs, as outlined in the preparation sheet given before the service date.

The effective partnership of Garrie Pest Control and our customers allows for the most effective treatment and control of Beg Bugs. Please note that specimen labels can be obtained in the Product Labels section of the website.

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Life cycle of bed bugs
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